User Agreement

Last Modified Date: 27th November 2019.

This User Agreement describes the terms and conditions which the user accepts by using this Website or its Services. We have incorporated by reference some linked information.


"Account" means your account username, email address or mobile phone number associated with the website.

“Content Developer” means the user, which uses this system to develop content

"Inactive Account" means a User Account that has not been logged into for a 6 month period, or other period determined by us from time to time.

“Configuration” means the settings specified to control the accessibility of the users of the system

“Bonus” means the extra amount granted by the system to an individual

“User status” means the status of certain user in the system, for e.g. active, inactive, etc.

“Task” is defined as a term developed to specify the activity that the user requires to perform in the course of content development.

“Task Status” means the status of certain task in the system, for e.g. picked, approved, etc.

“Task amount” refers to the sum the user earns after the task associated with the sum is approved.

“Task Time” refers to the time limit within which the user is required to performed the picked or assigned task.

“Notification” refers to short messages displayed within the system to notify the user about certain happenings, for e.g. “Your task has been approved. Congratulations”

“Test” refers to a series of questions designed to determine the level of the user for selection or promotional purposes.

“Payee profile” refers to the details submitted by the user to receive the accumulated amount, for e.g. a Bank account

“Milestone amount” refers to the amount that the user needs to accumulate before requesting a withdrawal.

“Earning verification” refers to the process where the FInance Department authenticates the earnings of the user.

“Payments” refers to the amount to be received by the user

“Approval Policy” is the set of rules that determines the approval of a task

“Quality Factors” refers to the points formulated by the organization to monitor the quality of task performed by the user

"User", "you" or "your" refers to anyone using the system for content development purpose

"Website", “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Organization’, “Our Organization” refer to the S.B. Web Technology Pvt. Ltd. team

“Training” refers to the event where our trainer conducts sessions to facilitate a user to start working or achieve promotion

“Law” refers to the rules and regulations enforced by the Government of Nepal.



  1. Overview

By using this website, the user is expected to have agreed to the following terms with

S.B. Web Technology may amend this agreement and any linked information at any time by posting amended terms on without notice to the user.

This website is an online venue where the user performs predefined tasks to aid in content development process. The user requires to register for an account on this system, which facilitates him/her to perform a predefined task and get paid for the approved tasks.

S.B. Web Technology Pvt. Ltd., at any time, and without any notice, change or add to or the services, information or a product described in it. However, the organization does not undertake to keep the website updated and is not liable to the user or anyone else in case if an error occurs in the information on or if the information is not current.

  1. Scope

Before using, the user is required to read this document, the website policies, and all the linked information.

The user must read and accept all the terms in, and linked to, this Agreement, the Code of Conduct, Privacy Policy and other related documents. By complying to this agreement as you access this website, you agree to the application of this agreement whenever you decide to use this website, or when you use the tools and services the website makes available to interact with Some websites may have other additional terms that we provide when you require to use those services.

  1. Eligibility

The user is not eligible to use the website if He/she:

  1. Is not able to form a legally binding contract

  2. Is under the age of 13

  3. Is a person restricted from receiving and providing services under the constitution drafted by the Government of Nepal or other applicable jurisdiction

  4. Is suspended from using this website services

  5. Does not have a valid contact address(email, phone number, etc.)

All the accounts registered are associated with the individuals, so the user should not share the login credentials with anyone. In such events, the owner of the account will be held accountable for all the actions taken by the account, without limitation.

Subjected to the local laws, an individual below 18 may use an adult’s account with the account holder’s permission. However, the account holder is responsible for all the actions taken by that particular account, without limitation.

Users are authorized to use a business or a company name associated with the user’s account. However, they cognize and agree that where a business or a company name is associated with their account, this User Agreement is a contract with the account owner as an individual and not the business or company and the registered user is solely responsible for all the activities performed in respect of their account.

Moreover, the organization holds the right to refuse to register such entities as a user and the account owner is not, in any way, liable to transfer or assign any rights or obligations he/she has under this agreement without prior written consent.

  1. General Terms and Conditions

As a member of, you agree to comply with the following terms and conditions:

    1. Signup and Referral Program

      1. The user should provide correct details while signing up with

      2. The user is allowed to request account verification; however, the right to accept or reject the particular account remains with the organization.

      3. Generally, every user receives a certain predefined amount as a signup bonus. But the organization secures the right to dissolve the amount depending upon the scenario. Moreover, the organization secures the right to accept or reject the approval of acquired signup bonus amount.

      4. The referral program of the organization is generally active, but the organization secures the right to dissolve the referral program without notifying the users beforehand.

      5. A user receives some amount as a referral bonus after he/she successfully enrolls a new team member to the system. However, the organization secures the right to dissolve the amount depending upon the scenario. Moreover, the organization secures the right to accept or reject the approval of acquired referral bonus amount.

    2. User Account

      1. The organization reserves all the right of the user’s account status, i.e. the organization may deactivate or block any account without any formal information with sufficient cause.

      2. By agreeing to this Terms of Use, the user agrees to comply with the configuration the organization uses to maintain and monitor user activities and tasks.

      3. The user secures the right to access or change some of his/her personal profile information. However, the organization, without any formal notice, may enable or disable such rights.

      4. There are certain configurations set up to control user activities. Some of the configurations may be changed by the user itself; however, other configurations are set up by the system administration themselves.

      5. A user is considered inactive if he/she remains logged out of the system for a certain period of time. However, the user regains the active status as soon as he/she relogins to the system.

    3. User Test and Examination

      1. The organization has the provision of various tests to test the strength of the user, either in the sign up stage or after the user starts working on a regular basis.

      2. After the test submission, the supervisors check the test papers and publish the result in the user’s personal backend. 

  1. Content Development

    1. Task Selection

      1. The organization has a set of teams mobilized to provide existing content developers with the tasks required for content development. The user is assigned a task by the supervisor or is allowed to choose a free task made available on the dashboard.

      2. The user is required to complete the assigned or picked task within the time limit complying with the Approval Policy and suggestions provided beside the task panel.

      3. The user can contact the support team in case there are no free tasks available in the dashboard.

    2. Task Status

      1. A particular task goes through various levels before approval, after which the user performing the task receives the amount promised for that task. However, the organization secures the verification rights of that amount.

    3. Task Amount

      1. The organization sets up a certain task amount for each task, but the same task may be of different values depending upon the user configuration. 

      2. The task amount is accumulated after the final approval of the task by the designated supervisor. However, the organization verifies the received amount before making payment.

    4. Task History and Reports

      1. The organization stores the task history of every user in the system. The user has access to his/her personal task history, helping him/her track progress and grow with-in the organization.

      2. The system also auto-generates the reports of the user, which helps the supervisors in mapping the progress and current status of the user.

  2. Earnings and Payments

    1. The user’s earnings refer to the accumulated sum of approved user task amount as well as extra benefits provided by the organization.

    2. The organization verifies every task and the acquired amount to ensure minimum loss of the user’s monetary rights.

    3. All the users are required to provide the organization with a valid payee profile to receive the amount, on the basis of which the organization ensures the payment of the user.

    4. Payments and Transactions

      1. The organization has set up a minimum withdrawal amount as a milestone.

      2. Every user is required to achieve the milestone in order to receive the payment. After the milestone is reached, the organization verifies the amount and transfers it according to the user’s payee profile on a date specified by the Organizational Policy.

      3. The tax is deducted as per the Government Policy before the payment of the accumulated amount.

  3. Notification and History

    1. The system has a predefined notification and messaging service aimed to provide the user with the required support and information.

    2. Besides system based notification and messages, the organization may send some details using the email address submitted by the user in the profile.

  4. Training

    1. The organization provides every user with the required orientation and training at the time of appointment and promotion.

    2. The organization sets up a fixed time for the training and the user is required to make it to the office location without delay.

    3. In case a user misses the scheduled training, the organization is not liable to reschedule the training time and date for the individual.

  5. Support:

    1. The organization has a support team waiting to respond to the user seeking support.

    2. The organization’s support team will entertain issues and confusions regarding the system and user interface and other account-related issues.